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Recent Posts

Simple CSS/JavaScript Slideshow
So this next post covers a simple slideshow that uses a combination of CSS and JavaScript. Once again, some degree of knowledge is assumed on CSS and JavaScript. Here we are displaying an image which slides to the left to reveal another image. This happens, in our case, 5 times and then the slideshow slides … Continue reading Simple CSS/JavaScript Slideshow
31 May 2018 04:00
Simple Round Toggle Switch
A short while ago, I published a post that created a CSS Toggle Switch in it’s very basic form. Here we use the same code, changing class names, and add a couple of other tweaks to make a similar toggle switch. Now it’s round and we’ve added some shadowing to make it look slightly better. … Continue reading Simple Round Toggle Switch
19 May 2018 04:49
Simple CSS Push Switch
There are many excellent solutions on the Internet to produce a simple push switch such as this with varying degrees of difficulty. I have tried to keep this one to the absolute bare bones to make it as simple as possible. The code assumes some level of understanding with CSS/HTML. Let’s get into the code: … Continue reading Simple CSS Push Switch
16 May 2018 11:53
Simplest Toggle Switch
There are many wonderful solutions to pure CSS toggle switches freely available on the Internet. However, sometimes, especially when learning CSS, you just want a simple solution that you can get your head around. CSS can and does get very involved and can become very difficult to understand so this is the simplest pure CSS … Continue reading Simplest Toggle Switch
14 May 2018 06:09
CSS/JavaScript Tabbed Dialog
Following on from the Pure CSS tabs post, it seemed like a reasonable option to post code for a more traditional CSS/JavaScript type tabbed dialog. The code assumes some level of understanding with CSS/HTML/JavaScript. So without further ado, let’s get into the code. (or click here for demo) First we create a container to hold … Continue reading CSS/JavaScript Tabbed Dialog
10 May 2018 06:07
Creating Pure CSS Tabs
One of the things that I like about CSS is that you now have the ability to create self contained pieces of code that would have once relied upon JavaScript. The code below is one such example of pure CSS working alone, with the HTML elements, to produce a tabbed dialog. The code assumes some … Continue reading Creating Pure CSS Tabs
08 May 2018 09:11


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